‘Now…where’s the ball?’

IMG_9719Now and again I tend to bump into this young lad in today’s image who I would presume is one of the waiting staff from the very popular ‘Bills restaurant?’

This is situated in Chichester in the building directly behind where he is standing in frame.

He… like other staff employed over there; can frequently be seen alighting from the restaurant brandishing tray of coffees which they will then distribute out to any interested passers by.

It’s not always coffee that is given out in sampler form. They do in fact offer a large selection of very tempting beverages for you to try in the hope that this will draw the customers in off the street.

Obviously once inside then the ambience the colours aromas and presentation of the foods and delicacies on offer can then fully assault your senses.

But as these are free sample beverages you will appreciate that punters walking by are easily tempted.

Equally though the young staff who are selected to distribute these drinks outside the place are always of a very pleasant and friendly disposition.

The thing I liked about this particular image though was that it looks at first glance as if this young lad is a street performer demonstrating the old ‘Find the Ball’ trick to this puzzled onlooker and her child.

“So madam…is the ball under this one or this one?”

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