‘I’m just not sure about the colour’

IMG_0140This lady liked a bargain and our paths crossed several times at what was the very first ‘Boot Sale’ in the village of Pulloxhill this year.

The weather for the Saturday of the weekend just gone was absolutely glorious and the sun was a furnace.

The Sunday however was to be a different kettle of fish altogether.

On our arrival through a series of fields and fences we were charged our one pound entrance fee and in fairness there must have been a good thirty to forty vehicles that rolled into the field and then parked themselves up in a series of unsupervised un-regimented lines.

Consequently the gaps between tables then varied from reasonable to completely ridiculous. So that at times it proved virtually impossible to attempt to walk through two abreast.

As I was checking out some of the less popular items for the average punters more akin to the vintage antique type collectables I once again noticed this very bright and vivid character rummaging through some children’s clothing and checking out the prices. I decided to grab the opportunity to capture this image of her bartering with the seller and to use this on my blog entry for today.

Within literally two minutes of my taking this shot the heavens opened up and the showers which had been tentatively forecast for parts of the Bedfordshire area pelted down soaking all the items which people were selling and sending the less hardened booters running back to their vehicles for shelter.

The classic cries of “It’s only a little shower” did little to brighten the mood and sadly it continued on and on as many sellers began re-loading their car boots or covering tables with plastic sheets or tarpaulin.

Maybe not the best start to the season but I know this lady ended up with a bargain because the lady that she was buying from like several others was keen to pack up as quickly as possible.

We also did alright purchasing a few nice little items between us.

Turning for home we first had to scale a slippery five bar gate in an extremely ungainly fashion before picking up our purchases in their plastic bags and squelching back through the fields with raindrops dripping from the end of our hoods glasses and noses.

But once home and changed out of our sodden wet clothes we then settled in to enjoy hot filtered coffee and a large slice of classic homemade cream and jam sponge cake each.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

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