IMG_9289The first time people observe this behaviour in birds they assume the bird is maybe sick or injured.

However it is a fact that on very hot days; such as those we are currently experiencing here in UK; birds not unlike ourselves need to try and regulate their body temperature.

Apparently ‘sunning’ as it is referred can help birds like this little blackbird in today’s image convert compounds in the preening oil- which is secreted from a gland at the base of it’s tail-into vitamin D.

If birds have been in a bird bath, then ‘sunning’ can help their feathers dry more quickly, so they can fly easier, without being weighed down by excess water.

It is even believed that some birds ‘sun’ themselves for pure enjoyment and relaxation, much the same way humans will sunbathe.

Basically this process is to ensure good feather health and to dislodge parasites.

So this little guy who I managed to snap for today’s blog entry; was so ‘relaxed’ when I strolled by him that he almost forgot to scurry away underneath the hedgerow; until the very last minute.

These facts I have quoted were taken from ‘Bird Sunning’ by Melissa Mayntz Birding Wild Birds Expert. Who when she isn’t writing such fascinating and wholly interesting nature facts no doubt enjoys a little of this ‘Sunning’ activity herself?

Yesterday was quoted as being the hottest day ever recorded for us here in UK! It was so hot that I thought I might melt away in the heat. There was no ‘sunning’ for me let me tell you. Just time spent desperately seeking out even the faintest of cool breezes to sit down in and relish; in a vain attempt to adjust my own body temperature.

But you know what; I really shouldn’t complain. At least I don’t have any annoying little parasites to contend with!

Well not that I’m currently aware of anyway!

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