‘Is that the time?’

IMG_0150Packed some cold drinks in the van and took a drive over to Chichester.

Turning out of our drive I immediately whacked up the volume on my recently purchased speakers. I have been desperate to replace these since I purchased the van as the previous pair fitted were not functioning anywhere near as well as they should.

So there we were; just me, the T4, and the new James Taylor CD which I had been fortunate to receive for ‘father’s day’ from my lovely thoughtful daughter Jodie. The heat was intense and so I had to open both the drivers and the passenger windows to enable some sort of breeze through the cab. My van is over twenty years old and so therefore does not possess air con!

As I joined the queue heading into town and soon realised that I was maybe singing a bit too loudly for my fellow commuters on my right. Some gave me frowned expressions whilst others tapped their hands on their steering wheels along to the music. Eventually I was in the car park and ready for a mornings street photography and maybe a pasty and a coffee later on?

I had’nt been walking for all that long when I noticed this pair; possibly mother and daughter? I was immediately taken with the outfit the lady on the left was wearing and had obviously tastefully accessorised.

I got the camera ready and continued walking toward them both until such times as I got close enough to capture this image of the daughter checking her watch before exclaiming “Is that the time?”

Now as many of you who are kind enough to follow me will already be aware; my daughter is very much into her fashion and design and so I am always drawn to people who tend to ‘stand out’ from the crowd as it were.

So this lady with her hair neatly drawn up into a bun and rounded off with this vivid red fascinator flower pinned into place; seemed a likely candidate.

The classy string of pearls around her neck, and those neat little matching earrings just made her;  for me at least, look really really smart.

Then finally to compliment her vibrant polka dot yellow dress, she has added this little pair of bright yellow swallows onto the blue mesh cardigan she is wearing.

I thought that she looked unique and interesting and that she carried off her choice of summer clothing very well indeed.

So if she should happen to see this image of herself I hope that I have described her choice of outfit accurately and that she too is pleased with the end result.

“Now then…where’s that pasty shop?”

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