‘The Blue Crystal’

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An unexpected invitation was offered us by my son Duncan and daughter in law Kylie to attend a year 6 performance at our Kadens new school which he will shortly be moving up into.

He had apparently auditioned for a variety of parts on offer with his best mate. However despite their best efforts they had both ended up in the backing choir. That is not to belittle any of those who were part of this or indeed any other parts in the show; because in all honesty everyone of the kids involved were just brilliant in whatever role they found themselves playing.

He did however specify that despite not really acting in the performance (his words) he would nevertheless appreciate it if his mum and dad and the grandparents could all attend to support him?

He even informed us where it was we were all to sit so that we would get the best vantage point; and he then pointed out that his girlfriend was also appearing that evening as one of the scientists

(I managed to get a couple of shots of her; she’s the one with the goggles on her head)

The boy done good eh?

Anyway according to the school’s newsletter year 6 are travelling 2000 years into the future in order to retrieve the Blue Crystal which has been stolen by the Zarcons, a warrior race from a distant and dying planet.

As Earth’s life support systems depend on the crystal to power a giant computer, it is important that the crystal is regained in order to save the world.

The earth people look to the Heroic Captain Tor and his crew to find the courage to defeat the Zarcons. However, someone is not as they seem and, for a while it looks as though life on earth will cease.

This lively performance with rousing songs and a variety of characters including, Grammy the Hologram Newsreader, aliens and robots. As well as being entertaining, the performance has underlying themes of the need for forgiveness and the protection of natural resources.

It just remains for me to thank our Kaden for ensuring our invitation was sent and to say very well done mate on a superb effort.

The Head teacher and her staff involved did an amazing job with this presentation which genuinely was enjoyable, funny and so professional. Even the lighting and effects on stage were all provided by students from the school.

I hope that the images give you a flavour of how the performance went. The little girl who played the princess and who saved the crystal was and amazing little singer and so good at making you believe what you were witnessing that evening.

Certainly beats much of the the rubbish on telly these days and all those flippin soaps we have to endure.

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