‘Back to Black’

IMG_0159Now here I thought to myself; is one very interesting character for me to photograph.

The gentleman in this rather vintage black suit and silk spotted waistcoat complete with a neckerchief and a grand old top hat was reading what looked like a bible.

I decided that I would walk through the archway of the Buttercross and snap an image before going off through the town.

However as I raised the camera to capture this first image so the gentleman in question stood up.  Then holding the bible aloft in his right hand he waggled the finger of his left hand toward me and shouted out clearly, “THE WORLD WILL END TOMORROW!”

Initially I was a bit taken aback but the rather cheery faced gent to his left seemed singularly disinterested and unperturbed. He just smiled reassuringly and rolled his eyes.

Anyway; I politely nodded and smiled to this somewhat eccentric individual still wielding his bible skyward, and carried on my way.

Then some half an hour later I returned to the same place to find both individuals were still sitting in the same place. The eccentric gentleman this time deeply engrossed in his bible readings; whilst his erstwhile companion on the other hand had decided that if the world was to end the following day that he best get forty winks in. Be rude not to eh? IMG_0162 Finally I walked around to the opposite side of where both parties were sitting and snapped this image of the pair. IMG_0161

I genuinely love finding individuals such as this gentleman and just ponder on how he might be feeling the following day when he woke to find his room and his house still intact.

Then perhaps peering cautiously through his bedroom window; he finds to his total amazement that despite that most absolute and firmly held prediction he had so confidently espoused loudly to all and sundry.

Chichester is still very much in existence; as are all of its shops and all of its shoppers. In fact everything is much the same as it was the day before.

Sighing deeply he then climbs back into his black suit and topper; then grasping his plastic shopping bag containing that trusty bible he once again trudges off to spread the message.

By the way; did any of you know what the word Bible stands for?

BASIC INFORMATION BEFORE LEAVING EARTH…Only hopefully not just yet of course.

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