IMG_0156This is just one of those colourful and interesting characters whom as a street photographer I seem almost driven to want photograph.

I had initially seen this lady with her mother, as they were walking together through the town. I was virtually alongside them both when they suddenly stopped in their tracks and held a brief discussion about where it was that they were intending to visit next; or if they might find it easier were they to shop separately initially, before meeting up later that morning for a bite to eat.

It then quickly became apparent that despite having visited the town together initially; there were shops which appealed to one though not necessarily the other.

So after a very brief discussion together, a compromise was indeed agreed. They then both physically checked the time of day and arranged where to meet up for lunch after the relevant shopping necessities had been completed of course.

So immediately after this the mother then headed off towards the market whilst her daughter seen here clutching her Wrangler denim jacket in case there should be a sudden change in the weather; strolled off towards the top of the town. Being so close I was then able to line up this shot of her as she ambled slowly past the premises of No 88.

I have titled the shot ‘Patriotic’ because of the contrast in the colours of red white and blue.

I also liked the juxtaposition of the two small green topiary styled hedges strategically placed in their planters outside the shop’s entrance.

Not much more to add on this occasion I just liked the play on colours.

Happy Tuesday everybody.

6 thoughts on “‘Patriotic’

  1. Kreng my friend. I must be losing the plot. I should have realised it was Tuesday and not Monday as I stated initially!
    We changed our weekly babysitting day to have Beau and so I confused the issue somewhat.
    It’s my age you know!

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