‘First past the post’

IMG_0172There I was just sitting in the T4 in a long line of vehicles waiting for the lights to change in my favour; when I notice in my side mirror this young girl riding towards me on her bicycle over on the pavement opposite.

I then observe this young lad also on his bicycle crossing the junction up ahead of me. He also was riding his bicycle along this same pavement and towards this young girl.

“Oooh!” I thought to myself “this could be a photo opportunity” Luckily I had the camera with me (nothing unusual there I hear you say) it was conveniently secured down there in-between both the driver and passenger seats of the front cab.

I then had just enough time to set it up check the traffic light sequence and then steady it using the vehicles window frame. I then framed it up and focussed on the point I hoped to capture the final image, and I waited. Then at the point where both cyclists almost met, I fired off this shot.

Immediately then of course the traffic lights up ahead changed in my favour and before I knew it I was releasing the handbrake and pulling away towards the direction of Velder Avenue.

It wasn’t until I got home and quickly edited the images which I had taken that I got to view this blog shot above. I must admit to you though, that considering this was a shot which I had not envisaged getting at all whilst simply sitting there in traffic.

However, in my personal opinion I liked it and I must admit that it turned out okay considering the circumstances. So there you have it my friends my ‘street’ shot contribution for the day. It has only served to remind me the importance of always having a camera with you.

When I think back over the hundreds of potential images I have seen whilst out there driving yet frustratingly have failed to be able to capture; this one for me at least, did bring a degree of self satisfaction.

As for once I felt that I was in the right place and at the right time.

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