“Our kade’s now 11 years old”


Tomorrow morning our Kade is off on weeks holiday with his school, over to France with all of his classmates.

So today we popped over to give him a present and some euros to take with him.

It was his actual birthday on the 8th of this month but this was our chance as a family to get together with close friends and to share a slice of cake and to chat and drink over some tea and coffee.

Meanwhile the younger children bounced endlessly up and down on the trampoline out in the back-garden. Only two minor injuries to speak of; namely a twisted leg and a nosebleed. Luckily though one of the mothers attending had literally completed a first aid course the day before.

As with most parties for this age group the girls all seem to end up in one room whilst the lads tend to sit outside and the kids then find their own forms of entertainment. Diesel the dog in the meantime was happy just to tread his muddy paws throughout the kitchen and beyond.

As a special treat Kaden had been given a joint present from his parents and this was a brand new PS4 with the latest Batman interactive game to accompany it. This he had earned due to the fact that he did exceptionally well in his exams at school gaining above average marks for his year.

But on reflection today was different; strange in a way. Because our Kade suddenly showed that he really is no longer a little boy and that parties really hold no excitement or interest to him anymore.

Of course we all knew this would eventually happen, and it’s just fantastic that he is developing his own little personality now and selecting what will hopefully become lasting friendship groups.

He is still however, one of the kindest most compassionate and considerate kids you would wish to meet. He genuinely is a credit to his mum and dad.

Luckily some things never seem to alter despite the many other interests and distractions which inevitably come as part of growing up.

Oh and he absolutely hates having his photograph taken, so I had to sneak upstairs and capture these two images of him trying out his latest game.
IMG_0198So happy birthday ‘big lad’ and enjoy your forthcoming adventure over to France.

It’s scary just how fast the years fly by when you watch your children and your grandchildren growing up before your eyes.

We still though always seem to manage to get a hug from him when we leave. Despite him being ‘all growed up’ and stuff.

And on a ‘one to one’ basis when he stays over with us; there are few kids I could think of who would be better company.

We love you matey…with all our hearts!

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