‘Congratulations to Motocarro Adventure Club’

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I chanced across these fine gentlemen just the other day and had to dive over the road from where we had parked up with our Beau to check out exactly what it was they were doing in these brilliant unique little ‘tuc tuc’ type vehicles.

Beau was fascinated; and the guys picked up on his obvious interest and curiosity, waving to him and allowing him some time to check each  of their vehicles out before they had to continue on with the next leg of their journey.

I would strongly advise you all to take a look at their website which can be found at http://www.motocarroadventurer.com as it makes for some really interesting reading.

Briefly; the SALMES Cup of Golf to be held in Madrid from the 10th -12th July 2015 proposed a set of challenges for these guys during a journey they were to undertake from Madrid to Scotland.

There were 4 challenges laid down before they departed; and these were as follows:

Firstly they would stop off at Wimbledon. Secondly they would stop off at Montmelo. Thirdly they would go to Silverstone; and lastly they were to visit the world famous St Andrew’s Golf Course in Scotland.

They were then promised that if they met these agreed tasks and achieved the deadline which was to be back to their initial start point over in Madrid by 11:00am on the 11th of July, then a considerable amount of money would be donated towards the Dacer Foundation.

So today’s being the 13th July 2015 I would guess that congratulations are in order?

They were a very happy and friendly bunch of people and their brief visit down to Canoe lake here in Portsmouth truly made our Beau’s day. Especially when they all waved to him as they drove off.

There truly are some incredible people out there doing some amazing things to raise money for good causes.

Very very well done lads!

We congratulate you all on a magnificent accomplishment.

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