‘The Parasol’

IMG_0163Quite a lot of elderly people take advantage of their free bus passes to travel around the county and over to the shops; as this very smart and elegant lady had obviously chosen to do.

Here in Chichester, taking the bus instead of driving your own car means that this can save you so much unnecessary hassle and inconvenience. You can simply grab a seat by the window and watch the world go by or read your favourite novel or even just relax and unwind, free from the usual worries of having to negotiate those unexpected road works and hotspots for traffic congestion.

It also means no concerns about wondering if you have enough small change about you to pay the parking fee. Then of course because the bus takes you directly into the bus station here, then the availability of parking spaces no longer becomes a concern to you.

So in truth it’s a ‘win win’ situation all round, I would hasten to suggest.

This lady had would seem to have spent her morning looking around the shops; then probably taken coffee with a friend before purchasing herself two sticks of that still warm freshly baked french bread to take home for her lunch.

I thought that she had a very serene look about her as she waited to return home again there at the bus stop in the town.

Her small pristine white linen parasol shading her adequately from the sun and acting like a bit like a reflector bringing out this softer more diffused image and appearance.

Life is stressful enough for all of us these days; and so it was nice to see this lady looking quite relaxed and enjoying her day at a pace which she seemed to find most acceptable.

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