‘The Diary’

IMG_0221I watched this old gentleman as he slowly made his way up through the town in Chichester.

There’s a popular pub in the middle of the town there which has these aluminium type tables and chairs outside. These are placed alongside some brightly coloured and well maintained flower planters making it a pleasant place to sit.

As the gentleman arrived at the table he had elected to sit, he initially grasped the handle of the chair to steady himself before then removing his jacket and placing it neatly over the back of his seat.

It was an extremely humid day and so he removed his spectacles and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. He then drew a long audible sigh and and seemed to be relieved to have this opportunity to order himself a coffee. This was duly brought to his table.

Sensibly he had used the time which it had taken for his drink to to arrive to catch his breath before taking his first precarious sip from the cup.

He then retrieved a small diary from the inside pocket of his jacket and began thumbing his way through it’s pages; appearing to be reflecting on important information he had noted down. Some no doubt he had already fulfilled whilst other things were as yet to be completed..

With this very fine white wispy hair and with these still very trendy round spectacles framing his face he seemed tired but content.

I thought that he looked very comfortable in his choice of clothing. He wore what looked to be a brand new pair denim jeans held up with wide black leather belt.

In contrast though the somewhat crumpled look of the shirt he wore gave me the impression that this was possibly an old favourite of his, or maybe like myself he simply didn’t like ironing?

There was just this very warm and gentle wisdom about him.

So although maybe no longer quite so agile or indeed quick on his feet anymore, he still appeared to enjoy simple routines. Such as those which afforded him the opportunity to be able to take the short walk over into the shopping precinct, where he could then spend some quiet time drinking his fresh coffee whilst checking through those all important diary commitments for the day.

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