I was walking behind this lady as I headed up towards the cathedral when I happened to notice two pairs of legs suddenly appear onto the pavement from a gap in the wall of one of the shops premises.

So the lady up ahead of me having seen these disembodied legs didn’t look even mildly surprised.  In fact she simply casually swerved her frame to the right, and then very elegantly I might add merely altered her direction of travel sufficiently to avoid tripping over them.

Meanwhile I held back a little and quickly aimed the camera lens in the direction ahead capturing what I think was an amusing and slightly more interesting little composition.

I quickly walked on a bit casually glancing into this gap in the wall on my left  from where the legs had originated.

It was then I spot a father and his young daughter both tucked away inside this compact bricked alcove sharing a sandwich and a drink together; and taking full advantage of this secret unoccupied shaded hideaway.

I smiled at them and nodded and they in turn reciprocated, the father commenting to me on what a lovely day it was.

It’s strange you know, but when you witness two pairs of legs suddenly unfurl out onto the pavement before you especially from what at the time looked to be a solid brick wall.  Well now…this might just prove to be a little disconcerting for some.

For me personally though, I’m the sort of person who can’t help but feel curious to wonder whom it is that the legs might belong to.

And then to go that one step further and try and establish for myself whom it was these might have been attached to.

Or in this particular case of course… maybe ‘two steps further’

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