“I only asked if you fancied some chips!”?


Well now the weather down here in Portsmouth has really been quite nice of late, if truth be known.

But there are certain things which one has to be cautious about should one be contemplating a day sitting on the beach.

Firstly then.

It is maybe not the greatest thing to do when the temperature suddenly drops, as it very much had the day I captured this image of a rather brave couple I thought.

Both seen here just settling down onto their soft padded garden lounger covers which they had cleverly to bring with them neglecting to note however that the tide had begun to roll in directly behind them.

And secondly; although they weren’t then possibly at any huge risk of getting themselves a mild dose of Hypothermia, I am still convinced that I could hear teeth chattering as I captured this image.

Then thirdly, but perhaps most importantly.

NEVER… EVER feel tempted to even quietly utter the words “Do you fancy some chips love?” within hearing distance of a passing seagull.

That my friend is fatal down here in Southsea.

Because as you can see by my image today the word quickly gets around and before you know where you are you are involved in what is reminiscent of a scene from the famous Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds’

Suffice it to say that the peace which our couple had previously been enjoying was quickly shattered as the gulls came swooping over screeching out their demands for a share of any chips which might be going up for grabs.

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