‘I’m Over Here”

IMG_0215I spotted this gentleman adorned in this drab grey stone statue suit and wearing an expressionless full face mask.

He had literally just arrived at his pitch and sat completely motionless on this plinth clutching a heavy book in his right arm. Then attached to the plinth by means of a length of fraying rope was one ornate stone jug placed neatly inside his trilby; where his admirers could place their coins to register their appreciation.

Some would stand beside him and have their photographs taken, whilst others would tilt their heads and stroke their chins and look at him in a confused and puzzled manner. His outfit and statue like posture was slowly but surely drawing in an audience.

But then there were others such as this very smartly dressed photographer in the centre of shot here who I had observed striding very purposefully up through the shopping centre towards our man; raising a little point and shoot camera as she did.

Then once she had got herself close enough; instead of her taking a photograph of what most considered at the time to be the main focus of everybody’s attention. She commenced photographing images of the ‘Buttercross” directly behind him.

Despite the fact that this chap had obviously gone through an incredible amount of effort to get himself noticed.

Then having captured her images she just as quickly disappeared back into the crowd behind her.

Then moments later, and as if to register his dismay at this snubbing, our gentleman then rose up onto his feet looking behind him to locate the plinth..

But because his vision was now obviously limited whilst wearing this full face rubber mask; he then had to very very carefully stand up on top of it before then drawing himself up to his full height and looking almost ‘Churchillian’ in his stance.


“I dunno…the things one has to do these days to draw attention to oneself”

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