‘Red Wellies’

IMG_0448Good evening everyone.

I just wanted to say I’m back home and to say hello to you all. I also wanted to put up this sweet little image for you all to look at tonight. It was one of those which really made me smile.

I snapped this over the weekend just gone whilst at a folk festival which we attended over at the ‘White Horse’ Westbury.

Known as ‘The Village Pump’ it is an event we have enjoyed for many years, and which always brings a lot of fun filled memories for us.

I am in the process this evening of editing some of the better images I managed to capture during our four day stay. Most of which I intend to put up in a slide show for you, hopefully over the next couple of days.

This would then give any of my regular followers out there a little taster of how it all went off, and to give you an insight of just a few of the many colourful and amazingly beautiful though often eccentric characters you see attending here year after year.

(I think I would maybe classify myself as the latter on this list)

However, this project has ended up taking me a lot more time than I had initially anticipated. Especially as we have had our little Beau staying over with us today.

For now though; I thought you all might like the shot of this little chap I saw. Seen here strutting purposefully forward his head bowed. Wearing his bright red wellies and with his little green cloth skull cap on he was making his way back towards the large Entertainment Tent on site.

I think he was quite keen to catch the excellent band that is ‘Show of Hands’

Anyway…hope that you are all well my friends?

Have yourselves a great evening.

4 thoughts on “‘Red Wellies’

  1. Precious! I find myself concerned that he doesn’t walk into something, given his singularity of focus and what seems to be a partial obstruction of his view. It takes a great shot to evoke that kind of emotional response! 🙂

  2. Lovely Lola! What can I say except thank you so much for your motivational comments regarding the little lad in my blog shot.
    I honestly do appreciate your stopping by and taking the time. I hope that you are well my friend?
    luv n peas

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