‘Easy Tiger’

IMG_7586Walking back to the car over in Chichester just a little while back; when I spotted this very striking young woman with her flaxen hair and who from the back initially appeared to be dressed completely in black.

She then turned into the pet there shop at the bottom of the high street.

My assumption at the time was that she probably wasn’t going to be in there all that long? And so I walked on a bit and set myself up on the pavement opposite the store, hoping to capture a shot of her as she exited the building.

Luck being what it was within just a few minutes she then suddenly appeared directly in front of me.

Having already lined up the camera to try and ensure I incorporated both the twin shop doorways I snapped this image of her as she alighted from the doorway right of frame.

This then was the resulting photograph.

Twirling a large gemstone medallion through her fingers which was secured onto a long silver chain around her neck; she looked straight ahead and appeared not to show any interest at all to her immediate surroundings. Instead she stared out into the middle distance.

It was then I noticed that despite my initial assumption that she was dressed completely in black, she was in fact wearing this T-shirt with a large tiger print on the front. But far more amusingly were the twin pandas positioned neatly on each of her knees.

Obviously an animal lover then?

Albeit one with a penchant for the slightly more exotic and rarer of the species.

Though arguably not really the types one might expect to see over here in this little pet shop in Chichester.

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