‘Family Picnic’

Good evening everyone.

We just returned from the ‘Bandstand’ over at Southsea where they were offering a free day’s family entertainment. They offer entertainment throughout the Summer and today’s was all about the ‘Dolly Parton Experience.’

Now in truth; for me personally, anything associated with our Dolly is okay by me.

So we all phoned each other up yesterday and decided to take picnic food and cold drinks and blankets over there. We rocked up in style on the dot of one o’clock accompanied with the kids and the dog as well of course.

The sun shone favourably the whole time we were there and the music and the entertainers at the bandstand in fairness were bloody good.

As you will see from the images I managed to get a few shots of Dolly for you to see and of her special guests for the day who included Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, oh and even John Denver made a brief appearance over there.

The kids loved their day out and we enjoyed ourselves too. In fact we ended up having Megan and Harri to sleep over tonight. Diesel alas went home as he has a sore throat after guzzling three pigs ears and having to have yet another visit to the vets. He is fine though; he just barks like a duck at the moment.

So anyway I hope you like the photos and I also hope that you are all having an equally fine Sunday yourselves?

Well done Southsea bandstand for giving us a great free day out, and the chance to sing-along to some good ole country and western music y’all!

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