‘Fish n Ships’

IMG_0135Lee on the Solent the other day and I was just on my way along the prom to grab myself a coffee and to maybe sit a while and see if I might spot any images I wanted to try and capture.

It was really nice and warm and there were a variety of people out and about. It’s noticeably busier right now though as the schools have broken up for the summer; so consequently the beach at certain points was much busier than it would normally be.

That’s when I noticed this couple who had just parked up in the car park and which is literally a few minutes away from where this image was taken. They had gathered up all the essentials with them which they felt they might need, like their folding chairs and their sun hats and obviously some food and drinks.

It was obvious to me however that some sort of a compromise had been arrived at by these two good people.

I say this because I sensed that when they got up this morning he felt he wanted to do spot of fishing whilst she was happier just to spend a bit of time sitting in the sunshine on the local beach.

So basically after a bit of discussion they both got their wish, and had even agreed on this quieter less hectic part of the beach to get away from the many families and kids who were all out that morning to have a good old run around and to take a swim. And for the more adventurous amongst them to maybe to visit the skate board park etc.

Anyway; I quite liked the simplicity of the image and I enjoyed the fact that I actually crunched my way up behind these two over the shingle beach camera at the ready, without either of them even being aware I was there.

Compromise would appear to be the way forward in many relationship cases…because in doing it maintains a degree of pairing and harmony.

Well at least that’s how it all appears to the casual observer.

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