‘On Tow’

imageJust got home after a bit of a hectic day. Here’s a quickie blog photograph which I took at the Boot Sale we attended last week.

It really did bring a smile to my face seeing this old guy on a mobility scooter complete with a wooden trailer which he had cobbled together, saving the day.

He truly was International Rescue in the flesh. Seen here rescuing another fellow mobility scooter user by means of securing an old length of nylon rope and attaching it up behind him.

The other fella you see being towed was elated! As he had unfortunately broken down with a flat battery. and was initially firmly stuck in the grass.

To me this was one ‘On Tow’ situation which really showed teamwork loyalty and initiative.

So there’s something you don’t get to see every day folks.

A fourth Emergency service in action at a Boot Sale near you.

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