“And over there’

IMG_9183I have no idea where the time goes these days; we have literally just finished our evening meal which was a bit late to say the least.

This was mainly due to the fact that today we were out doing all those little jobs which we should have done but never actually did get around to doing after all. You know the kind of thing.

Anyway: I hadn’t really had a lot of opportunity tonight to spend too much time scanning images for the blog.

However I did come across this particular one which I captured when we took our Beau to visit the Portsmouth Museum the other week; and which I can assure you was absolutely fantastic.

I feel embarrassed to admit to you that I have never been before, but I do fully intend to revisit at the earliest opportunity.

I was actually taking some indoor shots of the things which brought back some amazing memories of Portsmouth in the days gone by; including a poster from the film ‘Tommy’ which was mostly shot in and around this area and which I believe I have mentioned once in a previous blog entry? There were some incredible vintage images and videos and a plethora of other fascinating memorabilia. I will definitely be spending a more leisurely time there on the next occasion.

Anyway I heard the echoes of raised voices behind me coming from some tourists who had followed us up this flight of stairs earlier, and so turned to see what was happening. They were standing together bathed in the light coming in from these large beautiful sash windows and so I grabbed the opportunity to capture this shot of them all with their backs to me in the stairway below. I think it turned out quite well for a cheeky little impromptu image.

Now then…where’s that malt whisky? I think I need a ‘shnifter’ or two after the day i’ve had.

So see you all tomorrow guys, have a great evening, and thanks very much to anyone reading this entry tonight.

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