‘Meg and Harri’

Good evening everybody.

We just got home after a trip in my highly polished VW T4 down onto Southsea Common where we attended a Volkswagen show visited by literally hundreds of enthusiasts from all over Hampshire and indeed beyond.

I was in my absolute element and spent the whole day admiring and dreaming at some of the most incredible vans and ‘splitty’s’ on show. Some of which were on sale with price tags in excess of £30.000! But honestly they were so gorgeous and so iconic in appearance.

So I am currently in the process of editing the results of today shots with the intention of putting some of the better images up on the blog.

In the interim though, as today’s entry is strictly ‘Family’ here are a little trio of images which feature our Megan and Harri; who like most kids managed to find a fountain which they could run through together to get cooled down. Or soaking wet through as we used to call it!

I truly do love being around these two as they are seriously complete chatter boxes.

Every time they visit us though and whenever it’s time for them to leave for home, I am asked to cradle them in my arms (despite the fact Megan is getting that much taller these days) and then they each in turn request that I give them 100 kisses.

I am ‘kissed out’ to say the least by the time they both leave and my arms feel like they no longer belong to me. However, I am not complaining you understand? I know I must make the most of these special family opportunities; which I am sure won’t last for very much longer.

In a slight twist to this 100 kisses malarkey however, and seemingly not content with her mere hundred kisses request; Harri now asks if she could have a hundred hugs as well before she goes home!

And they think they both need to cool down!

Pretty soon I will have lips like Leslie Ash or like some super-model with one of those ghastly trout pouts.

Oh the joys of being a grandad said Bob with his larger than normal lips.

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