‘The Wishbone’

IMG_0095So you know how we photographers enjoy our people watching? Particularly if it is all about the street!

Well this young lad is in my opinion at least, a definite contender for the art.

I was over at my favourite haunt the other day when I noticed this young lad position himself strategically here on this low wall in order to maximise his opportunity of watching the girls go by.

Now for anyone who regularly visits this area you would be aware that one of the many pleasurable pursuit for young lads and young ladies as well of course; there is nothing more enjoyable than checking out the local talent.

It doesn’t cost you any money for starters, it keeps your observation skills finely honed, it allows you the opportunity to smile at anyone you feel attracted to and then to wait in anticipation to see whether or not your gesture is reciprocated.

It even releases your body’s natural ‘feel good’ friendly endorphins.

And as if this wasn’t enough. Whilst you sit there with your earbuds firmly in situ and your favourite music track blasting through your cranial vault…this simple uncomplicated pastime also serves to transport you to somewhere completely different in your mindset. Like meditation you can travel anywhere that your imagination will allow.

Somewhere altogether more exciting than Chichester high street, and dare I even suggest even more stimulating, vibrant, and inspirational?

So whilst all of this is going on and you are sat there being at one with your God and the universe, photographers such as myself are then able to walk casually over to where you are positioned taking full advantage of this temporary lapse in your concentration and then snap a quick image such as this very one, to use in their wordpress blog entry for the day.

I thank you!

2 thoughts on “‘The Wishbone’

  1. It is ten past one in the afternoon and the street is empty and the old gentleman with his dog to guide or for a walk or shopping??

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