‘Dog Tired’

IMG_0097Chichester again. I seem to be over there quite a lot of late.

Anyway, there was I walking the various shopping haunts where I know most people visiting are likely to gather; as well as of course enjoying the freedom and the opportunity to have some ‘me time’ with the camera.

As always remaining keen to capture any slightly appealing or quirky little images that I might observe on my visit.

So walking slowly through town and up towards the ‘Buttercross’ I see these two young women sitting outside one of the larger retail outlets.

The one you can see on the right of shot is doing what half the world seems to be doing these days and that’s texting friends. Whilst her seating partner opposite with these three little dogs on their leads about her ankles is obviously just glad to have found a place to sit down for five minutes, and to take a well earned rest from her dog walking duties.

The chap who was sitting behind her in the image had obviously clocked the camera and myself as I approached closer towards my prey; and gave me a kind of cautionary glance just as I was about to fire the shutter.

Meanwhile this lady with her dogs then actually closed her eyes momentarily and looked to all intents and purposes to be ‘zoning out’ for a few minutes of meditation, switching off as it were from the reality of her plight.

Shopping precincts eh?

They say that all of life is there… if of course you are prepared to be patient and to look closely enough for it.

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