‘Stoney Silence’

IMG_0033I first saw this little lad as he was hobbling along behind his mother and obviously in some discomfort at the time.

Having first tugged a few times at her jumper in an effort to gain her attention but to no avail he then sat himself down in the street and removed the one of his plimsolls, proceeding then  to shake out the offending stone.

No words were exchanged between the two during this whole process, although the pained expression you will see on his face adequately tells the story.

In fairness I think that his mum was completely unaware he had been troubled with this one tiny little sharp edged stone.

Unsurprisingly though he was immediately and noticeably more relaxed with himself; and was looking forward to running off without this constant irritation hurting his foot.

Within just a few minutes he was back up on his feet again; and after brushing himself down, he then shot off ahead enjoying the relief of his now stone free footwear.

But whilst he had sorted himself out and moved on; his mum on the other hand had remained fixed to the spot. Possibly focussed on something which had caught her eye in the shop window of one of the fashion outlets close by.

The little lad then dashed back, and grabbing her by the hand, he led her away to carry on with their planned shopping spree together.

2 thoughts on “‘Stoney Silence’

  1. Poor little kid. Nothing worse than having something pokey in your shoe and not being able to get your parents to stop so you can get it out. I distinctly remember having that happen to me as a child (or when your socks slide down under your heel – very uncomfortable).

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