‘BeachBuggin 2015’

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Here then are some of my favourite shots from the show last week.

This is an annual ‘Family’ event run by volunteers on a NOT for profit basis since 2000.

The images hopefully speak for themselves and it really was a brilliant well attended show, so all credit to everyone involved this year. I spent two whole days polishing the van as I consider it part of our family and so he therefore fully deserves to be spoilt a bit.

‘Lazrat’ as he is known to us all since his purchase over a year ago now, certainly held his own against some very ‘tasty’ competition as you will no doubt see in some of the images I captured.

I still do though; even after all these years, have a hankering to get myself a classic VW ‘Splitty’

Maybe I will win the ‘Lotto’ eh?

But in the interim, I am just enjoying being part of a very active and extremely friendly bunch of VW nuts!

Hope you ENJOY looking through the slide presentation, and a happy Sunday to you all!

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