‘Walking the Dogs’

IMG_0211Sitting on Southsea seafront the other day parked up in the van.

There we all were enjoying and tucking into fish and chips pea fritters and curry sauce.

My new ‘Skeleton Crew’ CD was playing out at a reasonably loud level and the sun was shining. And to quote a little Irish lad I met once when I was working over in Dublin “The world’s round and everything’s sound”

I’ve never forgotten that little saying.

Anyway we were all busy feeding some of the scraps of chips and batter to the greedy seagulls and the little starlings who by now know our van quite well; and never fail to gather around it shortly after we park up.

Our Beau loves seeing them all squabbling and shrieking as the remains of our lunch are launched into the air. The gulls catch some of the bits mid flight whilst the starlings await on the ground for anything they might have missed.

I had just cleared up all of the paper and boxes we had been using and disposed of them into the bin when I spot this young woman walking two dogs along towards our van.

I saw that Beau had also spotted her and since his uncle Duncle now has got him used to being around Diesel the crazy boxer, dogs are now very popular with him.

So as I arrived back at the van cleaning the chip grease off my fingers with a tissue, he asked me to get a picture of the lady and her dogs so that he could show his mum.

I grabbed the camera from the glove compartment and managed to set it up somewhat hurriedly before snapping today’s image with it’s ‘leading lines’ into the bargain.

Beau was happy with the end result. Personally I liked the little sideways glance which the young woman is giving as she walks slowly past our van where me and Beau and my missus were perched in the back seat; with what must have looked like guilty smiles on our faces.

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