Young people eh?

I saw these four teenagers standing outside one of the shops over at Chichester yesterday. Obviously it’s getting near to the end of their summer holidays, as mothers fathers and carers throughout the UK all heave a very large and collective sigh of relief!

I thought that they looked interesting and would make for an amusing composition as they each stood there chatting with each other.

There was of course the ‘cool dude’ with his ‘Hoody’ pulled up over his cap looking all chilled and rocking his mobile phone (whatever that’s supposed to mean of course I have absolutely no idea! I heard one of the grand kids saying it I think)

Then there’s his loyal mate waiting patiently with his arms folded standing there looking on slightly enviously I felt as one of the young woman stands up on her tiptoes and delivers a delicate kiss on the lips of his buddy.

He of course remains ultra casual and chilled and very matter of fact about it all… even deciding to continue whatever phone conversation he was or maybe was not, having at the time.

The girls friend seen leaning on the window frame also with her arms folded and wearing an expression that looks like she had possibly lost a ‘tenner’ and found a penny; nevertheless waits until these little terms of affection had been exchanged.

Or in this case at least maybe I should say just the ‘one term’ of affection was being exchanged?

Then in a matter of a few seconds the scene I had just witnessed was gone. Changed forever; as the girls wandered off together laughing loudly and occasionally looking back as they made on their way into the precinct.

Young love eh?

It made the cynic in me however remember a quote from one of the old Coronation Street series, when one of the old girls turns to a chap in the Rovers Return and asks “Eee would you kiss me under the mistletoe Percy?” to which Percy replies “Kiss you under the mistletoe? I wouldn’t kiss you under anaesthetic!”

How times have changed.

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