‘All Shook Up’


What a scorcher it was on Friday.

My daughter Jodie left a message on facebook from herself and our Beau to say that they were intending to visit Staunton Farm Gardens Country Park if anyone wished to join them.

Anyway we decided that we should go. And bless her heart she treated us both to our entry tickets.

Result or what! I thought to myself at the time (quietly of course… and without making a fuss about it you understand)

Once inside we were shown our way around courtesy of our Beau who obviously had visited before and so wanted to plan our route.

There were pigs and piglets and pygmy goats, there were rabbits guinea pigs sheep and even newly born jersey cattle. As you might imagine Beau was in his element.

After walking around for a good hour or so and taking a coffee whilst Beau tore round the swing park climbing frames and slides we decided we should go check out the ferrets.

Not that we are mad keen on the little furry slightly whiffy things; it’s just that at the time we were sitting under the branches of a large tree where we were being bombarded by some local feral wasps. Some of whom I swear were in hoodies and wearing Ray Bans. These black and yellow jacketed torments had formed a swarm and were selecting their innocent victims at random. It was time to leave.

The indoor carpeted obstacle course was next on our agenda, and after yet another hour or so of kids tearing around we were getting a bit hot and bothered. So then ice cream was mentioned. And unsurprisingly even before the sentence was completed, Beau was back in his trainers and ready to head out.

As we joined the queue for ices I sat on one of the vacant benches whilst the rest of the crew went in to choose their flavours. After a few minutes this little lad and his sister came out both holding fizzy drinks bottles their hands.

Then the little girl shook her bottle and quickly released the lid to shower herself and her brother with lemonade.

I raised the camera just in time to see the little boy copy her antics and although he had not shaken his coke quite so vigorously; it nevertheless erupted spilling everywhere just as his parents arrived almost on cue. His Mum stopped and delivered him one of those looks that can freeze children on the spot. That look which requires no further words or explanation.

Gotta laugh though eh?

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