‘A Memory’

imageJust wanted to publish these two shots tonight. They came from the last visit I had over to the Tank Museum with my late friend Larry Law.

We had a whole weekend in the most amazing B&B and spent two full days taking pictures, drinking ale, and laughing till we cried. Not for any special reason you understand just because we fancied some quality friends time. I was reflecting back on that day when we took Kaden recently and these two pictures seemed to call out to me.


It’s so strange how quickly and dramatically your life can change and how images you have captured become that much more important to you. So it was these two shots in particular which took me right back to that special weekend we spent being lads again.

I miss the company of my amazing friend who I had known for as long as I can remember; and who was a person I much respected. Larry knew me better than I actually knew myself and I miss talking with him about life.

Right I’m sorry folks that’s it!  I’m starting to get maudling.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Have a brilliant evening.

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