‘Big Bro’

IMG_0582Chichester last week. I was over there having a day all to myself again; and getting to do what I enjoy most…taking photographs.

I had managed to capture a few images and was actually just sat down enjoying a coffee when this young mother and her two children stopped virtually in front of where I was sitting.

“Oh” says I. Maybe a cheeky little photo opportunity might be about to present itself before my very eyes.

For a while though the mother remained distracted and was chatting away to a friend whom she had bumped into.

I continued observing her little lad at this time who was by then looking increasingly bored.

First he would look up to the sky and then he would look down at his shoes; then he would spin about a bit with his head tipped back and staring upwards once more. Always though with one hand firmly gripping onto the handle of his little sisters pushchair.

It was obvious that the conversation which was taking place had taken on a life of it’s own; and so this little lad then felt he needed to find something else to occupy himself.

Right on cue the baby in the pram then to fidget, obviously aware that the normal momentum she associated with being pushed along in her pram had for some unknown reason beyond her comprehension ceased. What on earth was occurring?

However at that exact moment her brother sensing the movement in the pushchair, then rushes around to the front and commences to make his baby sister giggle with delight by grabbing her little stockinged feet and blowing onto them. Whilst making some rather loud and very amusing sounds that then really did set her off laughing.

They both carried on like this until the conversation suddenly ended and as she waved goodbye to her friend his mum then turned the pushchair around took her little lads hand and together they moved off through the crowds. As they made off the brother would just now and again pop his head around the front of the pram making little faces and keeping his sister amused.

A natural entertainer if ever I saw one; I thought to myself whilst still sitting there sipping on my coffee and feeling pleased to have got my shot.

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