‘Sleep walking’

IMG_0531Took this shot whilst we were over at Winchester with our Beau the other week.

Earlier that morning we had completed our obligatory visit to the shops and the street market, we had then circumnavigated the town, and were by then just on our way over to the swing park where Beau could have one final go at driving the stationary Fire truck and train.

However as we approached the park I couldn’t help but notice a quiet snoring sound from this chap who was fast asleep on one of the benches over there. Cleverly he had utilised his haversack to serve as a pillow, and he had even thought to carefully place his specs underneath the bench for comfort in the first instance, and then obviously for safe keeps.

I thought he looked so peaceful and settled lying there and decided I best fire off a couple of frames before he woke from his slumber.

On the second shot though this other fella suddenly came into frame walking purposefully by and completely ignoring this chap lying prostrate before him.

Instead he appeared wholly focused only on what it was he had come into town that morning to do. And with his shopping bag in hand he strode on past not even once glancing back over his shoulder.

His presence in this final composition however did seem to make it a little more interesting visually I thought to myself; and so I decided to use it as my blog entry for this evening.

Thanks for stopping by tonight everyone very much appreciated.

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