‘SMILE Girls’

IMG_0707This shot was taken on our recent visit over to Selsey.

Because our friends Isi and Mike share various interests it’s a case of looking for things which might appeal to them both.

For instance, at the time I spotted these young women all arriving at the beach, Mike was otherwise engaged talking motorbikes to a couple of gents who had like ourselves, had decided to pop out for the day and take in the brisk sea air.

As you can appreciate if you are a bike fan he was engrossed in conversation for quite a while and so myself and the Molly the collie dog took a seat together opposite these five young friends.

Our ‘better halfs’ (Mike’s and mine that was…not Molly collie) were both slowly heading in my general direction arms folded and happily chatting away with each other.

So whilst Molly and I waited patiently on our bench, I set the camera up in case a shot should suddenly present itself.

Luckily for me this didn’t take too long at all as I observed one of the girls take out a mobile phone from her handbag.

Then somewhat spookily and without any prompting whatsoever, they all automatically huddled themselves into this position linking arms. With faces beaming they all stared up intently into the phones camera ensuring each of them were comfortably in frame.

So at this point whilst they were all busily concentrating on which was their best sides and perfecting their smiles I raised my own camera and captured my own image of them all.

I must admit to feeling quite pleased with myself at the time, and to have found myself in the right place and at the right time to be able to steal this cheeky shot.

A shot of a posed photograph being taken by one person, whilst a very unposed photograph was at the same time being taken by another?

If you get my drift that is?

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