‘In the Red’

imageSpent an hour over at ‘Gunwharf Quays’

I just fancied a walk through and maybe grab myself a couple of shots whilst I was over there.

It was really busy down there as people were going to the cinema complex or eating out, or visiting one of the waterside pubs . The weather was being unusually kind and consequently this tended to bring the shopping public out in their hordes; not wishing to miss any bargains which might be on offer.

I was only there a half hour or so when I suddenly realised I needed to visit the ‘hole in the wall’ as I had only a few coins in my sky rocket.

So there I was standing in the queue, when I see this young woman step forward and gingerly insert her bank card into the slot provided. She then looked a bit anxious momentarily and commenced scratching her head as if to help her recall her PIN number.

In just a few seconds however it had obviously returned to the forefront of her mind, and she happily punched it in to be justly rewarded with her cash which was deposited promptly from the  metal drawer below.

I decided to record this little image as she stood glanced timidly over her shoulder seemingly to check out who was around her,  before retrieving her money.

One can never be too careful these days you know.

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