‘Shop till you Drop’

IMG_9585 I think the image I have chosen for this evening epitomises how I always assume my shopping trips will turn out, though somehow this never actually materialises.

So there I was over at Chichester the other day trying to source myself a father of the bride outfit for the forthcoming wedding of our darling daughter Jodie next month.

My family though are only too aware how much I despise shopping of any description, and so I have been putting this off right up until the last minute.

But knowing how important this is, I visit as instructed a renowned gents outfitters with my missus in tow. I then advise him what the colour palette is, and show him my new jacket and shoes as he had requested on a previous visit.

Despite my best efforts however I end up after a good hour or so, looking like a member of the local fox hunt?

Several disastrous colour clashes later I sensed a ‘falling out’ may be imminent, possibly with both my wife and the outfitter. It was at this point I took the decision to tentatively suggest we go and discuss this outfit malarkey over a strong coffee.

Whilst taking off the waistcoat in the changing room I caught a glimpse of the price tag…it was £189. We left somewhat hurriedly and for my part with a degree of relief.

I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say our Jodie is into fashion design and illustration, and is the consummate professional in this arena. And for months now both she and her mum have worked tirelessly on every single detail of this wedding and the all important colour matches required.

So I try to never lose sight of the fact that this is her ‘big day’ and I therefore really do want to look the part as her Dad. I also want to try to minimise anything that might generate unnecessary stress for her on what undoubtedly is one of the most important days in a young womans life.

Despite my lack of motivation when it comes to shopping, thanks to my little missus I am now fully kitted out and raring to go. Just got to perfect my father of the bride speech bit now!

With just a few weeks remaining everything seems to be far more organised than I could have believed. They honestly have done a great job between them and i’m very proud of them both.

By chance I happened to sneak a glance at our Jodie’s copy of the timetable for the day the other morning and I loved the simplicity of it’s message to all her guests.

It read ‘You all arrive, we get married, THEN WE PARTY!’

That’s my girl!

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