‘Meg and Harri’


I took the girls out with me the day these photos were taken, as my wife and daughter were doing wedding planning stuff. Besides I had promised them that we would go out and do something together, just the three of us.

So we did the run to Chichester and I got them some treats and a couple of little pressies (these incidentally had to reckon up to exactly the same cost implication for both, right down to the last penny)

You have to laugh they are so on the ball and terrified one is going to end up getting more than the other. Anyway with the gifts sorted I asked if they would like to go and feed the swans and ducks? I had some bread rolls and three apple donuts which I took from home and I thought might just benefit a few hungry ducks and swans.

We arrived over at Emsworth and the girls began throwing lumps of bread onto the water’s edge. However once the bread rolls had been demolished by one solitary swan who incidentally was extremely territorial; Meg and Harri then both noticed a sudden lamentation of younger swans heading in their general direction.

So grabbing the remainder of the bread etc and without hesitation they both sprang up and legged it. They obviously wanted to feed them before the larger territorial male whom they fed earlier, had a chance to interfere and chase them all off.

By the time I got there however, they had fed them all some of the apple donuts but at the same time were stuffing their little faces with the remainder.

“They were stale girls” I shouted laughing loudly! “But they were really nice grand dad…weren’t they Harri?” said our Megan.

The next thing I knew was that the girls were pleading with me to let them go paddling. This then quickly turned into them removing virtually all of their best clothes I had taken them out wearing, and swapping these for two old fleeces I carry in the van, and neither of which fitted them properly. But they did allow them to get into the water and actually swim. They were absolutely in their element and had a really great time over there.

IMG_0900After eventually persuading them that we had to go and get a drink, they ended up putting their fresh clothes back on whilst still wet I hasten to add, and we all trotted off up the high street. Them looking for a loo and me carrying these two dripping wet fleeces back with us to the van.

“Thank you grand dad that was brilliant today” they both said in harmony as they gave me a massive and totally unprompted if somewhat damp hug.

“You’re very welcome girls” I said, smiling to myself contentedly as I loaded them up into the back of the van and we headed for home.

Feeling Blessed!

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