‘Got a Flair for it’

IMG_9482Watched these two lads practicing their skills down at the ‘canoe lake’ the other day.

They actually made it look easy, although I am well aware that it probably anything but.

They were hurling these bottles up in the air and behind their backs and catching them every time. I think even Tom Cruise would have been impressed.

I must admit that watching girls and guys in action in the busy bars of Portsmouth, where they are flipping bottles setting things on fire and generally providing quite the spectacle for their customers is never dull.

Apparently though I learned that flair bartending as it is referred to; to in its true sense is more about the bartender who knows how to entertain with words.

The person who holds the customers attention through his or her skills, who tells the best jokes and stories, that one with all the charm and charisma. These are the ones who usually take home the biggest tips.

As with most things in life it would appear that it’s all about balance.

These two guys in my blog entry tonight though seemed to possess all of these qualities in abundance. It was very obvious to me at least that they took their ‘flairing’ work very seriously.

That treasured image of the ‘cool bartender’ who can hold people’s attention with words alone, was something which both were prepared to put in the practice for.

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