‘Above and Below’

IMG_9462A stroll along Southsea Seafront is always beneficial to the soul. So I decided I would walk the full length of the prom, from Eastney and through to the ‘Hot Walls’ in Old Portsmouth.

The weather was ideal for a long walk; as it wasn’t all that hot, in actual fact it was just about right…  for me at least.

So I took a few shots of landscape type views, which I like to attempt to do now and again. I was surprised though how quiet it was down there; until I remembered of course that the kids are mostly all back at school now; hence the different energy this automatically creates.

So I had been walking for about a half hour or more when I see up ahead of me this young woman in my image today. She was in a deep conversation on her mobile phone and waving her arm about as if to further express her frustration with the caller on the other end of the phone. Eventually she pulled the phone away from her ear and after walking across the road and onto the promenade, she then jumped over this shallow wall and onto the pebble beach below.

I continued to walk towards where she was sitting and decided I might sneak a quick shot from my vantage point above. As I got alongside where she was sitting I noticed that she was attempting to write a letter. To help her concentrate on this task she had plugged her headphones into a little MP3 player that lay beside her on her handbag.

Whilst she was tuned in to her music I literally pointed the lens over the wall and captured this image you’re seeing.

I liked the fact that this was taken from a different and slightly more interesting perspective.

As I walked away so her mobile phone rang out once more and she answered this very quickly and a little abruptly. Relationship problems possibly? Whatever it was, I thought I best stroll on and leave her to sort out her differences for herself.

I truly feel for young people growing up these days. It’s such a scary world right now, and it must all seem very frightening and hopeless at times if we are to believe everything that we hear and read in the newspapers?

There are so many decisions pressures and temptations young people face day to day it’s no wonder some harbour thoughts of self harm depression and experience mental health issues.

Services for young people continue to be cut to the bone whilst at the same time being pressurised to become ever more effective in their delivery of patient care. Waiting times for what are often vital initial assessments seem to be getting longer than ever, yet the demand for these services by young people in our communities increases exponentially.

It is so important we all endeavour to maintain a strong and healthy communication link with our own children and grandchildren to stay involved in their issues and concerns and to try to understand what is really happening in their daily lives.

Rant over…thanks for stopping by today.

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