IMG_0530Over at the City of Winchester the other week and I was smiling to myself at the way in which different people applied different methods to utilise their favourite park benches; and to mark out their personal space.

In no way do I mean this as a detrimental remark; rather an observation. This particular trait most definitely resonated with myself, as I often like to adopt a bench for myself and for me alone.

This happens on those occasions when I may not particularly wish to share my space with another stranger; or if indeed I’m not feeling particularly receptive to striking up a conversation.

This first image was interesting inasmuch as the chap who is sitting centrally on the bench had used his sports bag to claim the space to his right and then placed his coca-cola drinks bottle on the other side to dissuade any prospective weary travellers from comfortably sharing the space. Unless of course they can get him to remove either of these two strategically positioned items.

Meanwhile with territory marked out he is now able to enjoy the solitude and space to read his favourite novel in peace. This behaviour may seem to some on initial impression, to be a little inconsiderate and even unfriendly in it’s approach.

But then there are those people who in my personal opinion, most definitely deserve to take a well earned rest in the peace and tranquility of a city park.
To take themselves a breather from what must be at times a very exhausting possibly lonely journey?

To then lose themselves in good book, and be able to switch off albeit temporarily, from such pressures and complexities purely created through the cards which life may have for whatever reason, dealt them.

Often though through no real fault of their own.

It is therefore important we remember that on a daily basis, each of us are fighting our own individual and personal battles.

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