‘Me n my Nan’

IMG_0785This was Beau and his Nan taken as they were waiting outside of the Watercress Line train station over at Alresford.

Beau is completely train mad right now. Or indeed lorry mad. Or indeed any heavy machinery in general mad!

So this was a real treat for him and something which he has been on and on about us all doing. Especially as he got to have his favourite choice of lunch…sausage and beans!

This he thoroughly enjoyed whilst we all sat in the back of the van checking out the trains and all the carriages being coupled up prior to their journey. I think we stayed there until the parking ticket we purchased had practically run out, before Beau was finally convinced it was time to go.

But at least he got to watch the steam train ‘Lord Nelson’ puffing out of the station one last time bound for Alton.

I took a couple of images of the information boards for you to read should these be of any interest of course?

For Beau this was the trip of his life, according to him on the day at least. At least this will hopefully give him a memory of his first ever steam train journey with his Nan n Gwandan along the famous Watercress Line.


“Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take. But by the moments which take our breath away”


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