I couldn’t resist admiring this beautiful vehicle which I saw parked up outside the Watercress Line Railway Station. I freely admit that I spent quite a while imagining myself sitting inside it’s luxurious interior and cruising up and down the town.

I adored the colour and was impressed with the condition. This car was beautifully and meticulously cared for and quite understandably very much loved.

You can’t beat the Daimler Consort Large Saloon series for their imposing presence and absolute class. This is a vehicle which most definitely holds a certain status when it comes to ownership.

Anyway I took a photograph of the stats for you, so that you can read for yourself the technical information which members of this unique owners club so proudly share.

IMG_0639I hope that you will forgive my indulgence, it’s just that I would dearly love to have possessed the skills and ability to be able to maintain a vehicle of this age in such stunning condition.

The owner should be incredibly proud of the time, patience and absolute dedication which has gone into producing and displaying this outstanding example.

As the saying goes…A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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