“What’s next then?”

IMG_7604Saw this young family over at Gunwharf Quays the other day.

They had obviously been out on a shopping spree together and decided to take a break on one of the ornate benches in the mall. Initially it was just the Dad and the children who I first saw sitting there chatting away with one another; but then shortly afterward the mother suddenly appeared and asked “Where next then guys?”

I liked the shot mainly because what at times can often seem like a relatively simple request; can take some considerable levels of patience compromise and negotiation, before a decision can be arrived at.

The older brother in the centre of the image seemed to be indicating that the sale in the Warehouse clearence store behind him might be of interest? Whereas his younger siblings were not quite so keen, that’s if their body language was anything to go by?

Dad was at this time remaining neutral. To me it looked like he was waiting to see what the overall consensus of the family was, before offering up his thoughts on the matter.

Eventually though I think that perhaps a visit over to the coffee parlour seemed the better option for all concerned, and maybe a pastry or two just to re-vitalise the depleted sugar levels?

Just what the doctor ordered after all that retail therapy malarkey.

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