‘Wedding Day Morning’

IMG_1161Good Morning everyone out there in the world of WordPress.com.

Well the wedding was on Saturday and the hangover took place most of Sunday for me i’m afraid to say. But hey…it’s not everyday a father get’s to give his daughter away now is it?

Monday was a bit of a blur as well for me and so today I thought I should at least say hello to any of my kind followers who might be stopping by today.

The wedding day morning was managed like a well oiled machine, with flowers arriving by the box full and our own professional hairdresser spending most of the morning arranging flower crowns onto the head of the bride herself and the four bridesmaids.

This was the shot I took as I arrived downstairs after my turn in the shower; it’s my beautiful baby girl with Carleen; one of her best friends enjoying a ‘Buck’s-Fizz’ together before getting into their dresses.

I will include a couple more photographs as and when they materialise and I hope that you like the informality of it. It’s one I very much favour although I’m sure all of the the others will be absolutely amazing on the day.

Just as we were about to leave together for the Church my daughter also presented me with a small engraved credit card size copper plate which read as follows:

“Like your support, this will last forever.
It shines, like my love for you, you’ll have it with you always.”
love Peanut xx 03.10.15

I am indeed a very blessed and extremely proud Dad this day!

So congratulations Jodie Louise Elliott here’s to you and your new husband Stefan. May you truly love your lives together and enjoy good health always.

4 thoughts on “‘Wedding Day Morning’

  1. All the best to the happy couple. What a lovely gift your daughter gave you! It’s
    A real transition for parents as the children marry and go on to build lives of their own! Cheers.

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