IMG_0858Commercial Road Portsmouth; and people were as usual on a day when the sun shines; draped in and around the water fountain.

This is a popular place where people meet to eat their lunches, or to catch up on the ‘goss’ with one another, or more often as a rendezvous point. In this instance though it was to snap a few selfies.

I was standing waiting for my missus this particular day, who was incidentally with her sister Carol in one of the fashion outlets close by.

We had arranged previously to meet up by the fountain when I see these two friends arrive and warmly embrace each other, before then sharing some quality time together. It was only after their chat that they then decided to take a few ‘selfies’ whilst the sun was out and before they had to part company.

I think they must have taken a good dozen or so images which they would then scrutinise. Only after discussing the finer merits of each capture would they then take another. Until that was they eventually got that ‘sweet shot’ which they were both happy with.

I didn’t mind at all because they made a great subject for a street shot.

Cheers ladies…SMILE!

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