‘Simply Sushi’

IMG_6264When the hands of the wall clock settle on twelve o’clock, and the morning you have just experienced seems to have drained you of all your remaining smiles and energy, it is then your mood begins to change.

Smiling at your fellow workers you elegantly rise from your office chair. As you gather up your things you drape your scarf around your neck. Then with leather gloves folded in hand, you once more check your watch.

“See you later then?” you smile, just feeling happy to be leaving the office behind you for an hour.

Stepping outside and into the fresh air you instead join the hustle and bustle of the activity down in the town centre. Drawing in the air through your nostrils you close your eyes; then you slowly and rhythmically exhale.

It’s lunchtime!

Walking off though the next dilemma then begins…what it is you really fancy to eat?

Maybe fresh pastries? or cream cakes? Perhaps cake and coffee? Ooh! What about being a bit decadent and going for a plate of salmon and avocado sushi?

“Mmmm yes..that’s the one” you mutter to yourself under your breath “Sushi”

Who would have believed that from the cutting edge of Tokyo and New York to your chilled cabinet at Marks and Spencers this dish would gain such approval?

But there you have it Sushi is most definitely a global convenience food of choice for many.

Can’t beat a bit of the old raw fish and cold rice whilst you enjoy some people watching over in ‘Chi’ now can you?

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