‘A Tall Tale or Two’

IMG_0900I spent the morning over at Chichester again yesterday and for some unknown reason it felt like I was appearing in an episode of ‘The Borrowers’

There were some really unusually big people out and about in the town, and most were well over the six foot six mark. Perhaps there was a basketball convention or something? I really have no idea; but believe me these were some big guys.

Anyway unusually, it all actually got a bit interesting over at Chichester yesterday.

There was a shoplifter who had chanced his luck in a couple of outlets. Anyway, as he was attempting to be avin it away on his toes (I think that’s police jargon?) from the store; and had unknowingly been under surveillance by the plain clothed officers who work the town, and who were set up in sports shop directly opposite.

Suffice it to say, he was very hastily incapacitated and face on the pavement handcuffed before he had a chance to say ‘Swear down it want nuffin to do wiv me guvnor’

I did take a couple of shots in the thick of the action, but felt I should keep these to myself for now. Just in case anybody recognised the alleged culprit.

So I then decided to grab a coffee and sit over by ‘The Buttercross’ and it was then I see these two young teenagers with their ‘Route One’ skate board lying over the box which had previously contained a brand spanking new pair of VANS. These were purchased only minutes earlier and both lads seemed keen to get them laced up and go try them out.

I bet our shoplifter friend arrested earlier would have appreciated a loan of their skateboard today in the hope of a more speedy successful getaway.

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