‘Shady Character’


Walking through the Cathedral grounds in Chichester when I see this very trendy casual bushy bearded guy heading over towards the low wall by the main entrance.

Placing his leather satchel bag at his feet before him he then pushed his hair back from his face and commenced to stare up to the heavens with one hand shading his eyes.

As with most visitors it would appear that he was trying to look up to the highest point on the cathedral spire. High up to where our outstanding pair of Peregrine Falcon usually build their nest and hatch out their young year after year.

The sunlight however was very bright on this particular day; making this quest virtually impossible.


Undaunted he then opened his satchel bag and carefully removed a lens cleaning cloth and commenced polishing his sunglasses before then clipping on an additional pair of much darker lens covers which I noticed sitting on top of the wall alongside him. With these in place he then took one more look up into the sky above him.

I’m not sure if he achieved his goal but shortly afterwards he was leaning back sipping on a bottle of iced water which he had in his jacket pocket, and simply enjoying the last vestiges of sunshine that the day had to offer.

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