“Do you see it?”

IMG_0867On a recent visit down to our local shopping centre over at Commercial Road I was taking the opportunity to snap some shots of anyone whom I found interesting, and also hoping to try to capture any smiley expressions or fun activities.

The image I chose to use in my blog entry today is of a young mother who had just lifted her little boy from out of his buggy to observe a helium filled balloon which had somehow become detached from its owner and was spiralling higher and higher drawing the attention of the many shoppers below.

When sights such as this are seen, they are often followed by the sounds of a small child crying and with tears of desperation running down their face.

I am pleased to report to you however that this was thankfully not the case in this particular instance. I think what had happened was that one of the tethered balloons had decided to try and go it alone; and break free from the bunch.

I snapped this image as the young mother and her little boy watched the balloon gain height until it was eventually almost out of sight completely.

Gotta love a balloon with a bit of personality though don’t you?

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