‘Now you see me’


This is our little Harri who was one of the many bridesmaids my daughter Jodie had chosen to represent her on her big day.

Along with her sister Megan they collectively did an amazing job and captivated the assembled guests particularly with their genuinely excellent behaviour and pure unharnessed sense of fun.

This first image was one I noticed when Harri saw me approaching where she happened to be sitting, she was waiting for her Dad to bring her over a drink of juice. Seeing me with the camera at the ready she started to disappear behind the back of the rattan seat with a cheeky little grin on her face.

Luckily I managed to snap this first image of her before she remained hidden refusing to allow me anymore photographs. Proper little ‘Prima donna’ she is you know, I guess like most little girls of her age.

IMG_1234We are still awaiting the release of the professional photographs which were taken on the day; and I was technically banned from taking any more images after this one, mainly because my beloved daughter felt it would detract from me enjoying the whole wedding experience.
She was absolutely right of course (Gets that from her mother you know?)

It is surprising though just how inadequate you feel when you don’t have your camera to hand and yet so many photographic opportunities seem to present themselves to you. That said, I had a brilliant if slightly emotional day, and I drank far too much alcohol.

Apparently I was the last to leave the bar at 4 o’clock in the morning still suited and booted. I then apparently knocked a few doors before eventually locating my own abode. I am then reliably informed by my lovely missus, that I was standing outside our room door knocking to get in and complaining that I had lost my key.

It then transpired that I was using the key; which was incidentally a very large key, to knock the door with. Least said about this the better I think. Don’t you?.

We also had Beau sleeping in our room with us that night, and he was out for the count and lying conveniently across the pillows above our heads.
Eventually I got settled ish and I was then gifted to a couple of hours sleep before Harri and Meg knocked the room door at stupid o’clock both dressed in their swimming costumes towels in hand saying “Morning Gwandan you said we could have a jacuzzi with you; remember?”

I can’t explain how I felt climbing in there with them both but ‘my oh my’ that is one memory I shall never forget for a long time, I can assure you of that. Bless their little hearts!

It was then breakfast time and I have never felt so ravenous as I did that morning. The food was excellent and I drank copious amounts of freshly prepared orange juice followed by several black coffees.

What a wedding…and what a family.

I feel so blessed to have them all in my life.


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