‘Milky Bar Kids’

IMG_7847Over at Chichester the other day when I was walking over to my favourite coffee haunt to enjoy myself a nice hot drink.

The town was busy as usual and and I had been snapping away at a few images which appealed at the time. I thought it a good idea therefore that I take a seat outside and just quickly scan through a few of the images I had captured that morning. Perhaps then to try to decide which ones, if any, warranted possible consideration for inclusion on my blog page.

These three young lads sat opposite and were initially all chatting and sharing a laugh together as their parents continued on with their shopping.

The lads had decided that a glass of fresh cold milk was to be their drink of choice, and were sipping away at the contents of their glasses through the straws provided.

They were really conversational but as they each placed their glasses on to the top of the metal table top, the lad in the centre of this image took out a mobile phone from his pocket. He then selected a game which the other two were obviously well versed in, and which required achieving different levels of competence.

Suddenly the chairs were drawn in close and the conversation and laughter I had witnessed earlier suddenly ceased. From this point, all concentration became devoted to the game in hand.

It always seems such a shame when the art of conversation is superseded by the draw of an interactive mobile phone game these days although I understand even with my own grand kids it is just the way things are. This is the kind of society in which we now all live.

I would however wish to emphasise that this criticism is in no way targeted towards these three lads; who were incidentally all great kids, and obviously really close friends.

I just meant that personally I find it very worrying when instead of interactive games being played and shared and enjoyed; these phones are more regularly used by some to purposefully film and capture people, in some very personal and often very distressing life situations.

It is undoubtedly though a sad truth that there will always be those who choose to abuse technology for their own ends. Those selective few who unbelievably demonstrate little or no care or compassion toward the long lasting and sometimes permanently damaging effects such irresponsible actions can result in.

Easy to moan I know. But the fact is, the genie is already well out of the bottle… and has been for some considerable time now.

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